Pulau Seribu | Playground Kids Resort Jakarta

Playground Pulau Ayer Island

Pulau Seribu, Thousand Island has some of the island which has a Playground kids are very in travelers enjoy for families with children under age, Thousand Island Pulau Seribu which has a children’s playground as Ayer Island, Pantara Island, Sepa Island, the Island Princess, island it has games for children.

Pulau Ayer had a game on the beach Wao, the venue deliberately provided for families with children under age, Pulau Ayer Island was created for a family holiday that has fine sand and clean, so the kids can play in areas such games.

Playground Pulau Ayer Island

Island Pulau Pantara Cubs game is not as much as Ayer Island and not of island ayer area of ​​his game, but the kids can play in the area and also to show the event of a company to hold events games Game Outbound, Outing, Family Gathering a Company and Family, Afternoon the next guests can see the island Pulau Pantara Sunset Cruise with the surrounding islands for 1 hour.

Island Pulau Pantara Playground

Pulau Putri, Princess Island game place and the area of ​​play is not like the island Pulau ayer, the Island Princess Pulau Putri just a few games that can be played by children who want to play in place of the game, but the Island Princess has Waterboom for children that can be played for children and adults , Island Princess has a different facility than the other islands. Island Princess has facilities Tunnel Aquarium, Glass Bottom Boat and Waterboom, while the afternoon guests at the Island Princess Sunset Cruise with surround see some of the island using a Speed ​​Boat.

Waterboom Pulau Putri Island