Pulau Tidung | Pulau Seribu — Thousand island

Jembatan Cinta Pulau Tidung (Bridge of Love Island Tidung )

Pulau Tidung where tourism in the Thousand Islands is much visited by tourists even be the favorite. Now, the island with the iconic bridge this love getting up prestige in the eyes of the tourists. There are two islands that Tidung large and Tidung small. Both islands are connected by a wooden bridge has a length of 800 meters. There are many ways to spend time on the island Tidung Pulau Seribu. Not much different from the other coast, where you can snorkel and if you want some more, you can try for diving.

One of the activities that are very popular when it was in Pulau Tidung is doing Snorkeling. But there is one icon that should not be missed is crossing the Bridge of Love, and the most thrilling attraction that is in free fall from the Bridge of Love. There are so many people around who say, if you do not jump into the sea from the Bridge of Love, can not be said to have been to the island Tidung.

Pulau Tidung

Been to Tidung certainly not just one day, you definitely need more time in order to feel satisfied. There are available homes can be visited and will be offered to stay there or homestay. Local residents have started to realize their sites to make his home there as comfortable as possible, so that many tourists are keen to stay in their homes.