Royal Island Resort — Pulau Kelapa Island — Tour Pulau Seribu Island

Royal Island a Pulau Seribu island tour located on the island of coconut, precisely in the western tip of the island of Pulau Kelapa. This place is a semi-resort that can be one of the best tourist destinations for tourists who want to vacation to the Pulau Seribu islands, especially the island of coconut. Because of its location in the western end with a private atmosphere that provides peace and comfort for tourists who visit and stay, then the Royal Island dikes as a sunset village with beautiful panoramic beauty with mangrove scenery located around the resort.

Royal island

Royal Island has complete facilities and exciting tour packages in addition to enjoying the sunset and mangrove tours, namely visits to the tourist islands to enjoy the different natural beauty of different, Various Snorkeling Spot, Fishing Trips in Rumpon that many fish, then there are water attractions such as Play jet ski, banana boat, sofa boat, canoe, or just swim playing on the white sand beach.

Royal Island Resort

Royal Island is also renowned as a sunset village because of its precise location on the western end of coconut island that directly faces Sunset. With its magnificent panoramic beauty with its mangrove scenery around the resort, as well as the most breathtaking underwater tour, this island makes one of the favorite tourist destinations in a thousand years.

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