Tourism Resort Jakarta

Beach Thousand Island Resort

Thousand Island Resort Jakarta is the only island tours and beach resort located in Jakarta. Tourism Resort is located in the Thousand Islands cluster, Jakarta bay. Administrativ District Thousand Islands Kepulauan Seribu stretch of 65 kilometers, starting from the coast to the northern part of Jakarta in the Java Sea. Island totaling 105 islands, some islands have disappeared eroded. Some of the island is a settlement, the island nature reserve, deserted islands and uninhabited island that is used as a tourist island.

Familly Gathering Pulau Seribu Resort

Activities Tourism Thousand Island Beach Resort Pulau Seribu. Many Thousand Island beach tourist activity that can be done include:
Water sport (Jetski, Banana boat, Canoe, Snorkeling, Diving) Fishing,
Beach volleyball, sand play, swim at the beach, sunbathing.

Banana Boat Pulau Seribu Resort

In addition to the activity on the shore, has recreation facilities located in resorts, such as : table tennis, basketball court, volleyball court, tennis courts, cycling, and so forth. Resort facilities at the Thousand Island Kepulauan Seribu ; Family gathering, Outbound Training, Meeting, Outing

Family Gathering

Family gathering / Outing many companies do in the thousand islands resorts. The location is close to Jakarta and a different atmosphere with the other tourist attractions make a thousand islands as a destination for Family gathering / outing. There are various facilities for groups such as the stage show, entertainment, games (fun games) and prepared by the trainer.

Outbound Training

Thousand islands often used as Outbound Training. A spacious location with a beautiful view of the island made the right choice as a place Thousand outbound training.


Various official celebration party event widely practiced in the resorts in the Thousand Islands. a party which is often done at the resort, among others, for a birthday party, anniversary


Full leisure facilities make the resort at the scene of a thousand islands tourist destination for residents of Jakarta and about to enjoy a holiday at weekends or long weekend period, for a family vacation and a gathering place like a social gathering, reunion and so forth