White Sand Beach Pulau Sepa

Pulau Sepa

Pulau Sepa has white sand beaches were clean and spacious surrounds Nearby Sepa Island. makes the atmosphere of serenity and beauty of the beaches that make your weekend with a full cheerful.

A trip which is taken from Marina Ancol For 90 minutes wading through the Bay of Jakarta Pulau Seribu, we will arrive at the island of Sepa Travel, a vacation resort in the Thousand Islands. Small islands with white sand beaches stretch, like paintings of outstanding natural.

The combination of white sand beaches and waving palm trees with the blue sea, will make anyone amazed and stunned. Tourist attractions Pulau Sepa resort is famous for its white sand beaches and a tourist icon for tourists who want to find a gently sloping sand and nice in Jakarta Kepulauan Seribu. So no wonder the sovereign, when tourist resort islands in Jakarta is not only popular with tourists in the country, but also foreign tourists.

During his stay in these places you can relax at the cottage, or can take a walk down the beach looking for the object. The ambiance sights quiet, white beaches and beach net, will make you linger in this coastal region. For lovers of water sports, tourist attractions are numerous activities that you can do, such as activity / activities that attract water sport like cano, jetski and banana boat. Paket Wisata Pulau Seribu

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