Teamwork is not something overrated. Teamwork is the reason why the Egyptian pyramids were built. Teamwork is the reason why the Roman battalion proved to be brutal in the antiquity. It is the reason why America flourished shortly after its birth.

Let me surprise you, teamwork is the reason why Sir Isaac Newton came up with the 3 Laws of Motion. Newton said

" If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants. " - Sir Isaac Newton

The same goes for me here at the Andela Bootcamp week 1 day 4. The far I’ve come is because of other people apart from myself.


The team I am working with is a good one. We’ve not met but we’ve interacted over slack and google + video calls. We call ourselves; !thealphas.(cool name huh?!)

Well, let me fill you in on my experience with !thealphas.

We are 8 in our team. Our LFA is Dennis Mwangi. I mean if there is someone who shows concern on our work at Andela and gives feedback on sections to improve or appreciation where its due then it has to be out LFA. His slack handle is @dennomwas.


There is this time I got stuck on the flask app that we are doing. You know at times you get stuck and you need someone else to help. So I slacked my LFA and he answered my question and I was like, “Why didn’t I think of that?”. He is incredible help and support. Look at this;


Well he is good, we are 6 in our team Maina Kihuyu, Pius Nganga, Joy Too, Alfie, sylvance kerandi to name but a few. Here is the complete list;

But I would like to talk about the only lady in the team, the rest are gentlemen. She is Joy Too.

Well she is the one who created the group for starts. She is also the first person I talked to. She is the one who added me to !thealphas group. She is the person I slack to exchange notes and vis and vis;

Joy Too slack message

One interesting thing about her is that she is ready to help and ready to learn. I did not ask her to know but I learnt this by my remote interaction with her (slack of course). In the group she posts helpful material is always ready to help. Here look;

Joy gives a helpful link

Joy is a good team player when you consider how many times she asked the team for advice when trying to do something;

Joy asking

Well she told me she likes hiking and the place she went to was Longonot and “other hills”. She likes reading novels and discovering new stuff. Above all Joy is a good teammate.

I’ve interacted with Alfred. He is this cool guy. He seems to be someone whom if we met would have nice stories to tell. He was helpful when we first started out this Bootcamp.

This week has been a rush and as it comes to a close I would like to thank my team for being there. They reminded me that I am not in this alone. Bravo !thealphas.

Thanks also to my LFA, Dennis Mwangi for instilling in us to always be EPIC.

I’m checking out. It has been real.

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