The lack of diversity within venture capital is something I have been hard at work to try and remedy and I write about frequently. In my last post, I laid out the demographic breakdowns of the venture industry and sought to disprove the notion that the reason that there are so few investors of color is because venture investors must be engineers, by showing that the majority of venture investors have no technical experience.

Since my last post, I have updated my data and the results, and while there has been an improvement after 2 years, we still have a long way to go in improving diversity within our industry. …

Last year, we announced our Series A investment in Amino, a network of mobile-only communities focused on passion and interest verticals. …

When my parents use to plan trips they would almost always use a travel agent, then along came the internet and with it a number of startups that put travel agents out of business. Startups like Kayak, Expedia, Priceline, Hotels.com came about and are now juggernauts that have become the first destination of anyone looking to book a trip whether it is for pleasure or business.

But now we are slowly starting to see a return of these middleman in the form of physical human beings with a digital communication layer, chatbots, and/or human assisted artificial intelligence. These middleman are popping up across industries. Lola and Journy are two of the new players in the travel space that are bringing the middleman back into our lives. …


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