A Story of a Fuck Off Fund
Paulette Perhach

Hilarious! This is just a good reminder of —we create our own life, our own story. To be honest, I once this spoiled folk buying not so important stuffs. Always ordering overpriced coffee at Starbucks. Grab a new shirt weekly. Order buckets of beer. In short, I had good dollars. Yes! HAD! Since I am completely broke now. Can’t even afford to buy cheap phone since mine now sucks! But yea! I learned my lessons. And I am having a fresh start, just simplifying everything. No FB, No Starbucks, No beer. Just at home doing my online works, and be with family. Do some workout and household chores. Read and improve my skills. And definitely SAVE! Coz of course I need some break! Looking forward to my backpacking trip this year’s last quarter in Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore. Yes! Singapore! Another overpriced place huh. Even though I visited this country already, I wanna come back to see my good friends. Friends close to my heart. Friends who helped me to change. Indeed, it’s never too late to change. For as long it’s for the better, DO IT! Not later, not sooner, NOW!

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