You Are Not Late
Kevin Kelly

It’s all about weighing things and assess which years you can live well then. I mean life 30 years ago was calm, cheap, and a little easy as far as I know, excluding those war periods of course. I remember my 50-yr young mom told me, when the queen moon is out full bright their times, she and her friends go out and play. If they are hungry, they easily go to mountains and pick edible stuffs like banana and some legumes. And absolutely, the whole family can survive the day with half a dollar, around 25 philippine peso. Life was simple, life was easy back then. But to be honest, with all these technologies infront of me, from touchscreen laptops, smartphones with superb cameras, bluetooth speakers, and many to mention, I am very, so much, definitely excited what will happen 30 years from now. As extrovert myself, 55 that time, and I am ready.