When beginning to draft this post, my goal was to compare freelancing vs having a full-time job. I was really excited with my method, mostly involving listing out the pros and cons of each. Easy. I got this.

About forty pros and cons and a thousand words in, I realized something that I hadn’t before. Freelancing and having a full-time gig is not really comparable; instead they compliment each other. They complete one another. Each challenge that you tackle while freelancing, returns to you as a skill set at your full-time job. Day to day tasks you hit at your full-time job return back to you as an invaluable experience for your freelancing projects.

In my experience, there is one thing that stays true for both freelancers and full-time designers — finding your True North. You will realize…

Kerem Suer

I design systematic methods to help humans communicate with machines.

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