I think that means that the intellectual level of the Medium readership is quite low.
Have not had that experience. I write intelligent pieces. They receive a few reads per.
Sean Neville

Perhaps you haven’t yet reached the more intelligent reader base here yet. Seeing that you post a lot of responses, you must at least think that the writers here are worth having a conversation with.

Writing intelligent content and getting people to read it require seperate paths of strategy and effort. If you have been trying to reach out to people without getting a satisfactory result, you might want to try different things in both writing and promoting your content.

Anyway, I don’t think “Not many people read my intelligent writing, therefore most of the readers are trash-reading people with low intellectual capacities” should suffice as a constructive contribution of a self-proclaimed intelligent writer to the conversation regarding online publishing. I’d be glad to read further input from you.

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