Waits says kids are the best songwriters. “Better than grown-ups,” he insists. “Kids are always working on songs and throwing them away, like little origami things or paper airplanes. They don’t care if they lose it; they’ll just make another one.”
Must Writers/Artists/Musicians Suffer For Their Art?
Hilal Isler

Whatever feeling motivated Tom Waits to say this, I think, dwells in all of us. The feeling we get when we hear the way little babies laugh and find it particularly mesmerizing, with its lack of any repetition or individual identity. The non-tainted iteration of the thing we know as laughter that is so precious because we seldom hear it, because it is contaminated too quickly.

The reason why I enjoy the company of people who come up with their own words for things that are only subtly different from a bunch of other things that it shares a more established names with.

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