In reality, we don’t base anything on intellect, we base everything on emotion and intellect is simply how we justify our emotional choices.
Hi Sean…
Linda Caroll

That is a bit of an overstatement. The human cognition is too complex to be seperated into two parts, especially if those parts are “intellect” and “emotion”.

Also, intellectuality isn’t simply putting explicit thought (which might be what you mean by intellect) before intuition and emotional impulses (which might be what you mean by emotions, in this case).

It is true that we do not base most of our actions upon explicit thought, but some of our intuition and impulses can not be simply packed together to be tagged as “emotions”. And promoting mediocre content by tickling these impulses through formulaic titles and listicle-like formatting — while it might be considered perfectly ethical by some — is a cheap trick at best.

Witty humor, for instance, is an intelligent way to provide gratification and tease out interest, yet it doesn’t rely on explicit interpretation (is approached more intuitively) or on path-of-least-resistence cognitive cheap-trickery. Check out Full Frontal for some examples of this.

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