Emacs General Settings

In the previous post we created the necessary structure for the emacs configuration. Now, let’s add a few settings for emacs and change some settings for ourselves. I will write all the settings in this article into the emacs-default.el file. Just to be clear.

Our first setting is theme. I’m using monokai theme. I created a directory for the theme and I copied the monokai theme into this folder. Of course, you can install the package you want directly by calling M-x el-get-install. I chose a little more manual way.

-> In general, emacs and Vim users don’t use a mouse. But if you want to use a touchpad or mouse like me, let’s make a setting.

-> Now we create our backup file and make a few adjustments.

-> Now we can make our settings for save-history

-> We change a few settings for the startup screen. At first, we will look at the text we wrote and close some unnecessary settings because we will use the emacs on the terminal.

-> Other setting is about parentheses.

-> Once you’ve saved the file, if there are whitespaces in the file, emacs will clear those spaces for us.

In this article, we have simply made our general settings. In the other article, we will make a few adjustments to these plugins by installing a few plugins.

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