Why Asymmetry in Fashion Will Change The Way You Perceive Beauty

One of the hottest trends for 2018 is asymmetry. From shifted triangle sandals to one-shoulder-baring tanks, this trend says a lot more about your personality than any style that has come before.

What is it about asymmetry that draws us in?

Humans are drawn to asymmetry; it’s edgy, bold, and says one thing loud and clear: “I don’t need to be like everyone else.”

We saw it with Helmut Lang’s runway look. A big mishmash of lines that confuses your brain. You don’t know where to look, because every cut takes you in a different direction. 2018 is about not being boring — it’s about being complicated and thinking outside of the lines.

Asymmetry is often gender-neutral and unisex. A coat with an edgy accent takes away the need for it to be tailored to the shape of a woman’s body or a man’s body, while signifying a freedom from gender that’s actually refreshing.

Asymmetry is a sign of experience: very much like faces of people, which start to shift as they age, the asymmetric look screams, “I have experience, I know what I am doing.” The edginess attracts you within without even knowing what it is.

Asymmetry also signifies a certain sex appeal. In the Wilde Vertigga Coral Geisha Dress, you get sexy and playful without being cute. It’s rough around the edges and portrays a look of confidence and boldness.

Asymmetry is the only accessory you need.

Asymmetry does the talking. Much like when someone has a bold pixie cut or bright red hair, makeup is less important. It’s like the red lipstick that makes up your face in seconds. Once you dive into the asymmetrical trend, you don’t need anything else. It works it’s magic on its own.

Jonathan Simkhai’s bathing suit shows how simplistic this trend can be. One bathing suit says so much. It says sexy, it says bold and it accentuates the body in a way that is unparalleled. Get it here

The 2018 runways are being strutted by the flawlessness of asymmetry. Shown often on bare shoulders, showing just a touch of the shoulder or on the legs, really accentuating shape and length.

On Altuzurra’s runway look, you see how this striped “Whistler” dress with asymmetrical lines flatters the body’s curves and adds a sleek look to it.

One of the perfect examples of asymmetry as an accessory are the Wilde Vertigga boots. One pair of boots/ shoes can make any outfits in seconds. Unisex, comfy and daring , this pair work equally well with jeans or a dress, for men or women.

No need to try to balance or add more details, asymmetry is your 2018 accessory.