L-Glutamine- What’s All the Hype?

And How Can it Help Me?

Gut health has become a hot topic of conversation. The gut is one of the main information centers of the body. The information we feed it, otherwise know as food, is processed and absorbed or not depending on the health of its tissues. The more irritated the lining of the gut, the less it will be able to read, or absorb, the nutrients our bodies need.

L-glutamine is an essential amino acid. What is an amino acid? They are building blocks of the proteins found in our bodies. They play an important role in the healing and repair of the body’s tissues.

L-glutamine has properties that help heal the gut lining and aid in restoring healthy digestion and proper nutritional absorption. In addition to gut health, L glutamine has been shown to help with muscle recovery. That includes healing from workouts as well as injury.

When we exercises, especially with endurance workouts (runners, bikers, cyclists, cross fit and the like) we use up a lot of the glutamine in our blood supply. Studies have shown that taking glutamine soon after a workout will help replenish those levels helping aid in recovery.

What else can Lglutamine help with? These are the 4 of the main uses L-glutamine could be recommended for:

  • Aiding in the recovery of the lining of the gut
  • - Helps with muscle recovery
  • - Helps decrease inflammation in the gut.
  • - Helps with sugar cravings and may help decrease insulin sensitivity.

In addition to supplementing the following are foods that contain higher levels of L-glutamine naturally:

  1. Bone Broth

2. Grass-fed Beef

3. Spirulina

4. Chinese Cabbage

5. Organic parley

6. Organic Asparagus

7. Organic Broccoli Raab

8. Wild Caught Fish (Cod, Tuna and Salmon)

9. Venison

10. Turkey (wild)

(Organic, well sourced, Cottage cheese is another source for people who do well with dairy)

There are many supplements out there, try to research the companies that you like to use to ensure you are getting the best quality products.

I personally use Designs for health L-glutamine powder.

Happy healing!

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