IA # 8: Mind and Body

Showing inner state of mind
Showing humans as flawed
Showing man as overcoming his limits

The first photo is me smiling while sitting beside the window. This represents that I am a reflective and positive person. As I love looking outside the window, I observe how people deal with their lives and understand why people lives differ from each other. This lead me to be reflective and appreciative in everything happened and will happen in my life. I believe that smile is the best make up a person could have. The second and third photo looks perfect but when you observe it, it is only almost perfect. This means that you can’t always be perfect. If a person or a thing is perfect, then there is no room for improvement whereas the reason why people alive is to learn things and to improve himself. The last photo shows how I overcome my limits. It was my first time to do center split on a railway. I’ve never thought of I can do that until I tried it. It was a great achievement for me. Limits became limits because you’ve set standards, rules, dos and don’ts, can and can’ts. The moment you face your limits, you are already on the way to achieve things, to be successful. Overcoming your limits, your fears is the best thing you could experience.

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