Midterm Project



TAPAS. Spanish Design for Food, provides a rich panorama of the most recent Spanish design as applied to cuisine. In Spain “tapas” refer to food prepared and served in small portions. On the other hand, in Philippines, it refers to dried or smoked meat. The Spanish tapa is more closely related to the Filipino concept of “pica-pica”.


Philippines was ruled by the Spanish for 333 years. Therefore, there is no reason to wonder Philippine dishes was strongly influenced by them. Example of it are relleno, morcon, paella, callos, embutido, caldereta, etc. These dishes are served during party, fiesta and special occasions.


The Philippine Contemporary features the museum’s new strategic direction of integrating a heightened focus on modern and contemporary art by Philippine and foreign artists.

We are not allowed to take photos but there are three art works that attracted me. First, the broken plates in the floor. Honestly, I don’t understand what is the artist trying to express but I still respect his work. Second, the footprints in a sandbox. For me, it serves like a diary because it records the things, memories and decisions we’ve done. Lastly, the Coca-Cola logo and an old Filipino man. This represents how foreign companies penetrate our local market.


We are not able to visit this section because it is under renovation.


Although Met Museum and National Museum exhibits different type of art, I still prefer the Met Museum. It is because Met Museum is modernized and when we visited the place there are no other people touring the museum. Thus, we could take more time to appreciate each art work. I encourage Filipinos to visit this amazing museum. Metropolitan Museum of Manila is located at Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

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