Blockchain, relationships and trust.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash


These thoughts are not about technology, but about the beginning of something huge. And it is so early on, that it didn’t take long before I started recognizing faces in Blockchain conferences, meetups and conventions. With all the hype it is still such a small community.

The crypto enthusiasts are ideology driven, freedom fighters, inventing a new world, with new opportunities and new rules, rules to made by the community itself, to be only followed by “formal”regulations.

Raising over $12B in 2018, there are so many exciting ICOs currently building fascinating Tokenomics and smart contracts and developing mind blowing technologies. But the talk of the town,and in this case the city of Philadelphia hosting last week’s COINVENTION, is that this new world needs the masses. Blockchain needs a much bigger crowd to be engaged with and use this new economy and technology.

So we need the people to invest in ICOs, but the fact is that 84% of all Tokens are Being Sold in Private and Pre-Sales. “The Community Does the Marketing and Large

Investors Get the Tokens” (Karim Dabbouz, Hackernoo).

There are different ways to fix this, and of course many other major issues to be solved, but I do agree that this marketing game needs to change.

The relationship between ICOs and the community must go to the next level, to a higher level of transparency, knowledge and trust.

Building a technology that serves these values is what we do at Innovesta.

Innovesta is a blockchain-technology based, decentralized business platform.

Powered by AI technology, utilizing cutting-edge, machine-learning matching algorithms, discussion analytics and dynamic-gap models, Innovesta enables participants to validate investment decisions by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

The ICO vetting process is broken.

To build trust you need more than a Telegram group and more than 1–5 stars ratings. Innovesta is giving the people that want to be part of the distributed era, the right tool to make smart investment decisions.

Smart investments will bring more investors and create more great companies.

And that’s what we call a revolution.