Zuckerberg: The Righteous Rebel of Modern Philanthropy

The philanthropic mobilization following the Notre Dame inferno, once again proved that nothing brings the world closer together better than a tragedy — But Zuckerberg is slowly changing that.

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Photo by Tom Parsons on Unsplash

The Origins of Philanthropy

Philanthropy at its base translates to “Love of humanity”. Nevertheless, just as with anything else, it too has undergone a series of modifications and most individuals would typically understand it as something along the lines of grants/donations towards a greater cause.

The Case of Notre Dame

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Photo by Rohan Reddy on Unsplash

Significantly contributed towards the mending of the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral.

How great does that sound? And at such a great price, too! After a few short years (relatively speaking), once the establishment will have been restored to its previous state, the billionaires will always have something to show for their efforts (if writing a big cheque can even be constituted as effort, that is).

Zuckerberg, the Righteous Rebel

Against all odds, Zuckerberg continues to look the fire in the eye so that humanity can continue to prosper. In a 2017 interview, Zuckerberg stated the following:

That’s love for humanity; that’s philanthropy; and that’s how you change the world.

While many corporations such as Apple and Disney, have declared that they were going to be making a generous donation towards rebuilding the cathedral, Zuckerberg stayed put. That’s not to say he may not contribute in the future, but judging by his past statements and undertakings, it would be out of character if he did.

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