A velvety black cloak peeled back from the sky and I fell in love. The stars lit the heavens on fire. I left reason, logic and knowing behind, ready for an opening. Anything. Break me open! Crack that code in me and set my spirit free! Be the keeper of hearts that dances through the nights, as images of beauty and illustrious bodies find their ways to open source healed space. Touch, connect, receive. Give thanks. Repeat. Live as if this were your last breath. Know in your heart there will be another. Weep for things yet unknown and for those we know too well. Share secrets buried deep within, ones that we’re afraid to admit, even to ourselves. Honesty a key to open gates to vulnerability. Only those who embody truth may pass. All others wait unwittingly, hoping for sanctuary in the calm waters of apathy, heartbroken yet too numb to notice.