Participating in a “MOOCT”

My Personal Reason to Join the Quantified Diet

Update 25 April: My follow-up post What I have learned for participating in a “MOOCT”.

I’ve joined the Quantified Diet project thanks to a tweet from @ivsin (Paul Ivsin) yesterday describing it as “the world’s largest randomized trial on diet”. I also saw a nice follow-up tweet from @RebarInter (Rahlyn Gossen) with a link to this article.

Paul made a point by asking “is this a ‘MOOCT’?” I read that as Massive Open Online Clinical Trial with a reference to the huge movement of “MOOC” i.e. Massive Open Online Course.

I’m just now particpating in a MOOC from Harvard edX on the Fundamentals of Clinical Trials. Together with collegueas in a local study group, and thousands of others around the globe, I get the chance in 12 weeks to get a really good overview of all the core components of clinical trials; randomisations, treatment groups and endpoints. I have also done a MOOC from the Univerisity of Sheffield on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and learned about things such as observational studies, comparative effectivenes and health economic models. As Paul and Rahlyn I’m interested in new ways of recruiting and running clinical trials, especially in new ways to link clinical trial data using semantic web standards.

So, beside the time of the year and the idea of a healthier 2014, Participating in a Massive Open Online Clinical Trial (MOOCT) is my personal reason to join the Quantified Diet project.