Why Copying The Habits Of Successful People Won’t Make You Successful.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Habits of successful people works. Why? Getting up earlier, working hard, making a small cup of coffee didn’t work like a charm or spell. But, as I’ve already said — it works. More time to spend on production, perfection of the body, clearness of your mind — all of this makes your life full. And you will be more successful when you achieve something.

And you will . Doesn’t matter why you start to train, why you start to get some inspiration, why you start to clear your environment and your mind. Once again. It. Just. Works.

Imagine yourself as a slim, smart, inspired person. Imagine you’ve cleaned up all the mess from your life. Imagine you’ve start to think out of the box. It’s possible. It’s not about shortcuts, magic spells or rituals — it’s about the believe in your own power to control everything around you. And when you do, when you’ve tried and you achieve something (anything in fact) — it’s a huge success, personally for you.

The big path starts with the first step. And the first step starts from the idea, from the motivation. And let it be the believe of copying someone’s life-habits — it’s not the bad thing. You can change your life thinking about someone’s success. You can change your life thinking about your own. This really doesn’t matter. If it pushes you to start this huge changes — it’s good for you anyway.

The only thing you should take in attention — deep understanding of what road you choose. This road is way too long and it can take a life to get to the finish point. You should do whatever you think will work. Not just read an article but start to do things in real world. Not just mark several paragraphs as read but apply this to your life. And when you do everything will change.

So read it. Think about it. Do it. And when you failed to get fast success — continue to do it. Then, after sweating and bleeding all the garbage from you mind and soul you will be one step closer to be this billionaire businessman you’ve always dreamed to be.

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