Same society algorithms drive people all over the world

The way eco- and social systems interact with each other

Several days ago I got all things together, got the full picture of the social interactions here, in Moldova and somewhere, in the USA, for example.

The main though was why someone want to leave this country with faith in better life somewhere else and why someone (like myself) don’t.

If you just come around the conditions of living here, in Moldova you’ll probably see a mix of poverty, devastation, gap between social layers and big national dream of wealth and happiness as a part of European union. Actually things are not as bad as it seems to be — as always you need to go deeper to see what actually going on. And this bad-looking duckweed hides opportunities to grow as a person and as a professional.

Moldova has high education, cheap and well enough, has healthcare — again cheap and well enough (actually I suppose this phrase — ‘cheap and well enough’ is a best characteristic of our country), has infrastructure — can’t say it’s well enough but let’s take an optimistic look — things could be worse. And, which is far more important, Moldova has business opportunities, workspaces for those who already is a professional or is passionate to become one.

The catch of leaving

So, what’s the catch of leaving? Oh, now it’s easy to form in one sentence for me — people tired of rules which actually doesn’t work. Compare our country with some example of living democracy like USA or Canada:

  1. We have harsh laws but nobody controls the society to obey it — they do.
  2. We have no actual social security— they do.
  3. We have no money investments— banks are totally outdated in terms of loans and credits — they do.
  4. We have the assistance from the state just in words — they have real assistance.
  5. We have poor infrastructure and it becomes worse each year — they’re growing infrastructure to server business, state and society purposes.
  6. We have small market and it’s pretty wild — they have access to international markets and it’s well supported by the laws.
  7. We’re out of consumer’s paradise — they have Teslas, new iPhones and Amazon drones.
  8. Authorities are all corrupted along with the police, courts and all ministries — well, they do have same shit but at lease with strict rules :)
  9. Mentality of our nation is very mundane — western people are about going-ahead.
  10. Our way of seeing things is very pessimistic — they try to be optimists no matter what’s going around.

I can continue this list forever but I hope you got the point. So if you want to get away from all of this — first what comes to your mind is to get away of here.

Oh, wait. It’s not that simple.

But let’s stop just for a moment and think. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. There is no magic wand which can transform you life without transforming your habits, without transforming you attitude to others. So, we’re close to the main point of this article — it’s all about the social interaction and society algos in different countries (cultures?).

We’re who we’re because of thousand things — starting from the our character, our heritage, our traditions and end with the religion, political and cultural peculiarities of the community, region or country we’d grown in. And if you take a closer look through all specifics there will be same pyramidal society structure which came from ancient times.

It’s not so bad as it seems but things remain the same

It’s a pyramid of wealth and power. And the only difference between any country or culture is the way you can climb to the top. Nowadays capitalism offers similar abilities and right for everyone and… it’s almost true. If you really work that hard, put top-high goals, think strategically — you can climb to the top of any. And there is nothing bad in the pyramid. This is how things work. Is not good or bad — it’s just a fact.

Western model

Western model or system is all about the work. It’s a bare-bone and heart of the USA or Canada or Germany or so. If you got the right profession, if you have skills and professionalism, if you’re ambyitios enough you will have big position or your own business and you’ll be ok. And when I say OK — I mean it — you’ll have your own house or apartment, insurance, bank account, big credit limit, a car, expensive smartphone, nice suit and good and natural food, ability to travel any place of the world on vacation (which probably you can efford 1–2 times a year). Oh, you’ll have many of this paid by your credit card but it’s ok. Your month income will cover more or less expensive things. And the greatest fear will be to loose you very, very good job which often leads to bankrupt. Oh, this way can be in a politics as well. Really, even hawain-american boy can become a president, you know :) But definitely only some will achieve something more then being in lower-middle class. Not because western model is based on some kind of caste system — not at all.

The path of your life is filled with temptations and fears, it depends on your like, you ability to resist it all and to stay focused on your big goal to go for your dream. It’s not an easy way and it’s not easy even to make the first step.

Here is old funny german song about 10 small dears which died one by one till no one left.

It’s nice allegory how pyramid is build — some stops at the very beginning living life of underclass and doing some job which requires no qualification or living on the dole.

Some goes futher and get a badge of a working class or lower-middle class. And generally it’s like 75% of USA citizens.

Lucky 15% of others got a step into the American dream. They rule departments, offices, companies, ministries or even country.

Why they belong to this lucky-top-15? They can resist temptations (or they just got the boostrap of money or kinship — but such people are not the topic now), they are a ‘social diabetics’ who maybe, just maybe don’t like all the ‘sugar’ around. And it’s not always about the will, fortitude, ambitiousness. I mean it’s not a true indicator of strong character. Or not always a true indicator.

Post-USSR model

The great heritage of the big country left us without any achievements in present.

Let’s face the truth. It’s unpleasant to many of my fellow countrymen but we’ve born in USSR (not in Romania, Italia or so), and we have a centure-long legacy of cultural and national peculiarities which forms a pessimistic view, tenacity and ability to exert oneself to the utmost extent to survive and climb up.

So our model is all about the durability of a man. Each step of our life is a kind of struggle and it checks our strength and will. It become less struggle nowadays but 10, 20 years ago it was a ‘path of warrior’ to achieve something. So our pyramid is not about temptations — it’s about survival. We faced violence and assault much more often then any western kid. We get used to fight back or to avoid fight or somehow else protect ourselves from this cruel world around us. Sometimes we’ve solved common problems like living in small room and trying to cook something just because any snack cost too much to buy or studying hard to pass the exams or just searching for work to satisfy our consumer needs. And it was time when we have no normal food to eat. No food to eat, Carl! And it was real, more then real 20 years ago.

So, the way to the top is long, full of thorns and obstacles and if you climb up and stay their — you’re strong enough to climb much higher in Western system. It’s not a secret that guys from countryside achieve much more in megapolis then local ones. They have to be strong to get at least what local guys already have. It’s a story of our life :)

Let’s get to the conclusions. If you take any country or culture — USA, China, Russia, Japan, Somalia — you’ll see the system, the pyramid pattern of social interaction. This is how humans interact. This pyramids are way different and at the same time way similar — it’s our nature and the only one thing is about the rules we have and obey and the system which build this rules for years. It’s not a conspiracy theory — it’s inside our genome I suppose. It’s nothing to do with good or evil — it’s just the fact. And, which is way more important, this systems, this patterns have nothing to do with happiness of the one human. So really anyone can choose the country, culture, religion which fits him more but anyway he’ll remain in the system until he fits system’s needs and his ambitions can be satisfied by this system.

That’s all, folks!