Why Do People Not Agree With Me About Things

I don’t understand why people don’t always agree with me about things.

I have thought quite hard about things to decide what I think and it baffles me that others who have done the same may not have arrived at the same conclusion. I’ve read extensively from books, blogs and columns by people who I already agreed with and they certainly agreed with me. I’ve consulted with my wide circle of friends and acquaintances on social media, who I chose to follow because of shared interests, and the overwhelming majority are on my side. So how can it be that not everyone thinks the way I do?

There are only two possibilities that make any sense as far as I’m concerned.

  1. They are evil. This makes sense. I am definitely good and I want the world to be better. It stands to reason that people who disagree with me are evil.
  2. They are brainwashed. These are people who would agree with me if only they weren’t so weak minded and ignorant. Either the media and society have convinced them to think something they don’t actually agree with to please evil (see point 1) people, or they simply haven’t bothered to listen to me / people like me.

There doesn’t seem much I can do about evil people. They are, by definition, evil. The brainwashed people are more troubling though. How can they be so stupid as to read or watch things that focus only on the wrong side of a debate and then believe they are educated about it? The only sensible course of action I can see is to loudly tell them they are brainwashed fools. After all, how will they know if no one tells them?

It’s so exasperating sometimes being one of the chosen few correct people. I’m not saying I’m like a prophet or any sort of messiah, that would be ridiculous, I’m just saying that I have been gifted (cursed?) with a vision of what is right and I am compelled to share that with the world. If you had been similarly blessed I’m sure you too would feel a responsibility to use whatever influence you could to shepherd your flock to safety.