Liberté, égalité, digitalité!

As generations go by, our consuming behaviours change as well. No matter if it’s about fashion, games, entertainment, art, culture.

News is one of the biggest subjects that feel the impact. Today’s people between the age of 18–30 are a digital-relevant gen, the younger generations are born into it. So with the help of internet and social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, it became more and more easier for one to become a news reporter; you can report anything at anywhere simply by touching your smartphone’s screen.

Within the precedent years, we followed incidents like the Arab Spring, the Turkish Gezi Park Protests, Kiev Maidan Uprising and Ferguson Riots on our social networks, rather than mainstream media, because the mainstream media, the news coverage media to be specific, is tied to a huge company, which is also tied to a boss who supports god knows what. People of 18–30, the so called new generation wanted to express themselves, raise their voice to right the wrongs, to bring justice upon those we find guilty. What better place than the digital platforms, where you can shout as much as your audience exists. So people took charge and began creating their on news, on their own terms and from their own devices. This concluded as a digital revolution, where internet news curator companies like Vice gained a superb popularity among our generation, because they show you the raw form of news without any obstacles.

Yet, it is clearly seen that the mainstream media does not know how to cope with this digital revolution and have been keeping on doing the same news since then. From the beginning of time, the one thing that does not change is the change, in other words evolution, itself. So why do they keep doing the same mistakes, ignoring people’s voice and complaints? The answer is simple, yet dramatic; the mainstream can not evolve!

As of this week, we saw Fox News take on Marvel Comics’ Sam Wilson: Captain America for being a commie or an enemy of the state. This is a very good example of how the population is divided no matter the geographical location; TV watching audience is getting more and more conservative, where the digital audience is going strong on their liberalism. Take a look at all the countries with the point of view and you’ll see that the world is already divided into two. Of course there are those who do both, but all that matters is your starting point; the past 2 decades, with the internet was accessible to all, was the age of information, we gathered the infos we need, we evolved in a way. Now after these 2 decades, with the social networks and sharing behaviours and consumptions, the evolution is complete; we became a higher level, where those who use the internet to seek knowledge and guidence, are more and more eager on shaping their own news, their own lifestyles rather than an insistent lifestyle learnt by their gran-grans.

Human brain has a limited capacity for keeping data (knowledge), we are not like computers and we can not upgrade our brains, yet we are living in an age where the knowledge, the true knowledge is the power, and that power is within the fibers of the internet cables and wi-fis. This is the power which is yet again controlled by governments, it is a limited power for those who raise a voice against the status quos. So to speak, even if our digital-evolution seems like giving us amazing abilities, we are still in a cage, observed from around. The governments know this, and they take precautions against it as forming contracted hackers, twitter users to be their advocates, facebook groups and pages so that people would discuss, organize and act. Everything is connected and everything is controlled, that’s why, people like Assange and Snowden are prophets to the oppressors but enemies of the states for governments.

The focal point is, yes internet is too huge for human brain to cover all of its data, yes it gives us a unique voice and power over our specified audience and yes it is unfortunately controlled by governments. Be smart, be brave to ask questions and seek answers, be the black sheep as long as you can and keep your head in the game as far as you can. Of course no one likes a black sheep, not those in power especially, so for a better, just and an equal world, black sheep unite!