Design Inspiration Exercise

UNEO — Contact Page

-The page feels very cheerful and happy.
-I love the bright color contrast.
-I love the negative space and proximity makes it feel more modern.
-The photos are unexpected.
-I enjoy the positive undertone of the flowers coming out of the megaphone.
-I love how clean the lines are and how organized the page is.
-Not too distracting
-Easy to navigate
-The message box feels fun and inviting.
-The cohesive theme is pleasing to the eyes.
-The text size and typography also gives it a more modern feel.
-I appreciate the overall harmony of the page.

VSCO — Content Page

-I love the clean romantic photos and how they all complement each other
-I love the contrast of the photos and how the define each space on the page.
-The photo sized offer balance to the page
-The photos are minimalist and modern; however, they still have a certain depth to them.
-I love the easy click “Buy” feature, the color fits cohesively with the color scheme but still stands out

Terhie — Find A Teacher Near You

-The pop of colors on the white and grey background gives it the perfect amount of contrast.
-The colors feel fun and young.
-The layout along contrast of text size for headers and body makes it easy to read.
-I appreciate seeing the instructors photo and location feels more human
-I appreciate the navigation feature so I don’t have to enter the address into a separate app.

Creators of Great Websites — Disliked Design Example

-The alignment of the letters makes it confusing.
-The color contrast would be nice if the proximity between the two messages weren’t overlapping
-What was the point?
-Hard to read
-The message isn’t conveyed right away.

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