Keri Savoca
Jan 3 · 1 min read

I’ve been there.

I also have fine/thin hair down to my hips that 50% of people drool over, while the other 50% tell me to cut it into a bob because I’m “too old” to have hair like this.

Personally: I’m not cutting it. I wear it in a bun half the time, but I love what I see what I let it down.

I have the same conundrum re: texture and volume. I only blow out my hair once or twice a year. I don’t need my hair to look fancy at work. It’s nice to know that it can look marvelous if I try, though.

A little Moroccan oil to smooth it out goes a long way. Jamaican castor oil helps with the shedding, but I don’t bother anymore.

My opinion: the goal is to feel beautiful with your hair in its natural state. Which style makes you feel the best about yourself on an ordinary day?

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