Sometimes you run from rain only to run into fire.

I have a few thoughts. I’ll leave one right here. These last 3 weeks have made me realize how little control we have over our lives. If it wasn’t so painful, I would say it’s freeing. You can work really hard but you can’t guarantee the results of that hard work. You can make all of the right decisions and still get the wrong outcome. You can be as careful as possible and still make mistakes. You can’t control other people’s actions. You can’t make people keep their word or promises to you. You can’t make them be who say they are. The way you treat them doesn’t translate into them treating you the same. You’re only in control of the actions you take. I’ve really been rethinking my belief that we control our own destiny. How can that be when there are so many unforeseen variables that can affect who we ultimately become? So many variables that are foreseen that we still can’t change? There aren’t many things more earth shattering than coming to the. realization that you are, in fact, out of control. I am more inclined to believe that the idea that we control our own destiny is just something that sounds good coming out of a self-development guru’s mouth. We can run from rain in the attempt to control our own lives, only to be met by fires.