I have an evil plan

Pick up Casey Neistat’s tone when he is listing things in his videos because it’s all and all his fault, and read on now:

I am going to lie for this thing to work, I am going to possibly “bend the law”, although not really planning on getting busted yet at this point of my life but who knows, could be a fun story, and this is all because I have been disappointed for a long time because of many things and I am gonna step out of my comfort zone for it now. Why should you care? Because my evil plan might, in never-gonna-happen years, hit your city too. Or in fact you’ll be the evil executor of your own city.

Let’s not get dirty yet, but here’s a brief idea of THE BACKGROUND for now, because I am not willing to announce the idea quite yet, mostly because I usually don’t do things all the way and I don’t like that to be my reputation between you guys from this very beginning.

Here’s the background:

I was on YouTube wasting my life with this new way I had found, aka YouTube, and I was watching Casey Neistat because he’s into tech and boosted boards and drones and his videos felt somewhat natural, you know, it felt more than just “a video on YouTube”. Well obviously later the secret was revealed to me of why his videos are different in the style of cinematography because he is, a man of films. He is basically a filmmaker who makes great videos, and actually does have a life on the side and is apparently running a creativity factory. Also he runs, if that’s important…?

Now, it all fucking starts with that goddamn idea Casey introduces . 368. The idea literally set me on fire. And that’s a huge fucking thing to happen, for me. DUUUHDE, I’VE BEEN YOUR TYPICAL DEPRESSED BORING QUIET CLASSMATE ALL MY LIFE, AND NOW I WANNA BE SOMETHING. And it was a long process, it’s like there has gas been leaking for a long time and 368 was just this spark and boom I am burning now. Anyhow, In the past 2 days I tried to write it down and capture it the way it feels to me, couple of times, didn’t work, I won’t explain in details, but here’s a something of it:

We are people, and believe it or not we are a different type of animal (Emphasis not being on the animal part but the different part (because we are animals, don’t argue though, if you don’t think so, then, uhm, I agree, let’s not fight over that, that’s not the point. I’m just saying the difference between humans and other creatures is quite obvious, to me at least)). One, not all of them, or maybe all of them, of the things that makes us spectacular is the ability to create, and I, personally believe, creating is humans’ superpower. Hence, to prove your human value, you shall create. It’s something like if you reverse that quote that says “Our duty towards beauty is to appreciate it” Does that make sense? Doesn’t matter if you don’t get it, it’s still confusing to me too, just this: I wanted to create, but I couldn’t, externally.

So I wanna make a platform, ish. I have no idea where it is going, but after couple of days of being unable to explain my thoughts to anyone (biiiiig torture), I think now I know where I want to start off.

go watch Dan Mace,
have a good one,