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Dear $KERMAN holders,

The past month has been less crazy than the previous month but positive overall! A few key updates from my own personal life:

  1. I’ve started working full-time at Zora — you may know them for their last RAC $TAPE drop. My main reason for joining Zora was the caliber of the team as the majority of them were early employees at Coinbase and have seen the company grow from < 50 people all the way up to thousands. …

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On the 2nd June, 2020, $KERMAN holders organised their first meet and greet!

The meet and greet was a way to get to know my personal token holders and form a deeper connection rather than names in Telegram. I personally wasn’t too sure what to expect, luckily the conversation found it’s own path.

Everyone on the call was essentially one or a combination of:

  • Venture backed founders who have/are running companies in the crypto and technology space

Not the usual crowd you’d expect for a community of people!

At a high level the call covered the following…

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Thank you to the 24 backers that participated in the $KERMAN sale! I decided to close the sale slightly earlier because I managed to achieve the goal I set out to achieve: build a community of backers.

Some stats around the sale:

  • There were a total of 24 backers contributing a total of $23,255


Now, going onto the more meatier part of the experience. Quite simply, I’m blown away. Here’s some Tweets that capture a glimpse of what…

Kerman Kohli

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