I still love her.


I always will.

Strong bonds do not just go away.

They transcend time, space, and distance.

When you know no different your heart and mind form strong bonds based on how we feel about somebody.

But how we feel about somebody is often based only on how somebody has treated us or others we know directly.

But how far should the long arm of our own empathy extend?

To fully understand the entirety of a situation.

Do we consider multiple points of view before we make a decision?

Do we only consider our own point of view when we do stuff?

I try to consider all points of view, this is probably the reason my brain is having problems, or maybe its not?, maybe its fine.

And something else is causing a malfunction.

Maybe i don't know what real love is?.

Maybe i've yet to experience it?

Maybe i just fall for every girl i'm around.

Apart from the exceptions.

Or maybe even them too.

Maybe every girl/woman?
Where do i look for answers next?

Do i even look for answers?

Whats the next move?

Are there any possible moves that don't involve blind faith?

How do i move forward when stripped of my future sight?

I fear following my heart, as last time i streamed feelings directly from there i got myself into trouble.

Stripped of my power.

Unable to follow my heart.

Lacking in the skill of blind fajth.

How can i move forward now?. 
Only by writing on here, can i vent the relenting crush of not acting.

Of not following my heart.

Once my heart i trusted most of all.

Now i don't trust it at all.

I dont know why it failed me.

Or was it tricked.

Can a heart be tricked?

Only my mind for guidence, but my mind fails at this task.

A lot!!