This one is for '____'


Hi, You! :p

Sorry, i'm a bit late?

I am late aren't i?

It feels like really important that i made it here on time, like there is a dusty rusted eggtimer dangling from my soul.

My future sight has failed me, i find myself in a situation where all the facts or evidence of facts have purposefully been removed, seemingly to annoy me.

But i'm sure there are other factors.

I just focused on that, because its annoying.

Like really really annoying.

But i guess it worked.

You got me to write something.

Now your going to have to contain me.

I'm new to this after all.

But maybe my force is strong with words?

Maybe i'll spill over into your mind and rewrite the endings to your favorite stories.

Maybe I'll remove facts from the things you read to leave you guessing at key aspects of the story.

Sound familiar?

L0L Meh haha, i'm not bitter.

Cheers for making me a better person.

I hope i can achieve much more, i just hope my brain can take this rewiring.

Fearing BSOD in my mind.

Is it that important to you that i write literacy?

For whatever reason.

I can write for the sake of writing something, in here though, i'm different.

As i write i flow with more ideas of what to write.

But sometimes there are that many possibilities that i end up not writing exactly what I wanted to write. Originally, in my mind.

This is all a little bit strange.

Just being here alone with my own thoughts.

I wish somebody was writing to/with me. Just as a buffer. An informational grammar buffer or introspective outside view.

But there is not.

So i guess this is the end of this particular piece of writingz.

Unless i find more in my mind.