Your Embrace. And memories lost.

Sometimes i dream about it.

Maybe sometimes it dreams of myself?.

Anything is possible right?.

In this time, this space.

Its clear now.

Or at least the importance of it is.

The importance of your embrace.

For it is something that is unknown to me right now.

As far as i know.

And believe me. I don't know very far right now even if knowledge could be measured using distance instead.

Erm yeah, right. Where was i?

Whenever i get stuck for something to write i just think of the common household hamster, meek in appearance.

But loved all over.

Despite their apparent short sightedness and obvious failings as top of the food chain material.

Sometimes i like to think of myself as a hamster.

Meek but still loved.

I know i'm capable of more.

But what is the point with nobody to share the moments in time with?

Then its just stuff. It loses all meaning and your brain just begins to generalise everything and rounds it all down to just stuff.

Lots and lots of stuff.

And this is how i like to believe memories get lost somehow in our heads sometimes.

Sometimes however hard we think of something our brain has an error and deletes it.

Even if it's relevant information, or even if you flagged it as 'do not delete' information.

That is how selective our minds can become.

I tune out a lot of the time and remember nothing.

My mind just runs away with a fleeting thought.

When i regain my consciousness. I remember nothing much about what i was even thinking about. I remember that it was important.

So important that my brain deemed it worthy of inducing more processes of thoughts to figure things out.

But then its gone.

Hidden in the blind spot within my mind.

I feel silly now because i never knew such a thing was possible, my memory has always been, to put it, less than selective, more intrusive, unrelenting and often seems to work by itself.

Even when i don't want it to.