Aesthetics IA#3

Up Close and Personal

This week, some introduced artists. Artists that do their passion for a living. The are Mr. Mochie Cuyco, a brand strategist and professor at De la Salle-Colloge Of Saint Benile, Mr. Rolly Susmeña, a painter, and mr. Yannie Rumbaoa, a coin engraver in BSP. What makes them similar is that they used their amazing talents to survive their everyday lives. Unlike Mr. Mochie and mr. Yannie they day their training or educational background in regards of what they’re doing right now, while Mr. Rolly he just discovered his talent through his peers. As far as I can remember, Mr. Yannie also studied in Rome, Italy. They also have different motivations and inspitrations. For instance, Mr. Rolly is motivated that he sees painting as his job. I think Mr. Rolly can see his talent as a key for survival. Their roles were not just to inspire people but also to encourage, to appreciate everything. Everything that God had created. Well, I want to be passionate like them. I want to what I want in terms of my career, like the artists. I think they have this kind of freedom. Freedom to express and to hear their voice. I like that kind of quality to be imitated.