Honor thy father, starring John Lloyd Cruz,directed by Erik Matti, a story of how can a father do for his family. The movie sets in a reality of concepts.Concepts that are nature, nature in the struggles of a human being, on how it will survive. On how can a person react on a specific problem,on how he will solve it, in a good or in a bad way. I did appreciate that the movie shows not only the struggles financially, but also spiritually. On how can human trust God in a certain problem. I believe that movie tells not only on how can an individual trust God, but also how can we trust each other. In the movie, I can see how you love your family and how can they love you back. For me, the movie itself shows us how a person can change his own personality because of his experiences. It may be harsh or you may be overwhelmed by the scenes while watching this film, but you could appreciate that at the end anyone can surpass any type of problem that we may encounter.

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