Dev 2. Game Development Design

3 min readMar 24, 2022


Today we have prepared KEROZ Game develop note.

Today’s topic is the current developing dungeon and monsters by introducing the ‘Dev 1 video’ mentioned on Twitter before.

※ Please note that the development contents announced in Medium might change if the contents are updated before they are fixed.

Above the picture is the dungeon field of the ‘KEROZ’. We can’t skip the actual dungeon contents in the game field! So here it comes! Explore our dungeons in ‘KEROZ’!

What kind of monster will appear in this dungeon?
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The images that we are still working on are all the monsters. It is not a character. The designer in charge of the monster is working very hard to make it.

A cute devil is also a monster. It’s such a tiny monster that you might think it’s Pat! Let’s wait and see how he will appear in the game.

This is the first screenshot of the Kenome Pet partnership video. The name of the pat skill is Pungdun! Skill name: Cutting blade!! Yap, yap!

In this Dev 2., I have posted the game’s current development progress.
The video, “Dev1.Hack & Slash!” shows Pat “Kenome” hunting with the Keroz character in a dungeon.

The weather is changing rapidly. Sometimes it’s cold, and it’s hot suddenly. Take care of yourself.
Thank you.

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Finally, Hack & Slash meets Crypto!🛡️ The KEROZ is an exciting action RPG that slashes away everything!⚔️