KEROZ Lite version Open Notice

3 min readNov 3, 2022


Dear KEROZ Holders. We’d like to thank the holders who have participated in CBT.

CBT ends today, and we would like to open the Lite version immediately.

  • Lite version Open Date: November 03 [UTC 11:30] [KST 20:30]
  • Lite version Period: From November 03 until further notice of termination

We want to give you a few tips about Lite Version Open.

1. Bait quantity

Like CBT, Land registration is required to play the Lite version.

The bait quantity will be automatically updated in-game at the time of renewal (UTC 03:00. KST 12:00) according to the tier and number of registered LANDs.

The number of bait payments for Land held by the Lite version is as follows.

1 Tier Unique Land: 30 per day
2 Tier Rare Land: 12 per day
3 Tier Magic Land: 5 per day

2. Use multiple baits

You can fish using 5 or 10 bait at a time.
In this case, compensation will be paid during the fishing level.

* If you succeed in fishing in Stage 3 using 10 bait, all 10 rewards will be paid in the level 3 reward pool.

3. Reward pool

The compensation pool is applied differently depending on which fishing stage Hit(Strike in CBT) is successful.

Step 1: Hit Success — Level 1 Reward Pool, Failure — Basic Reward Pool
Step 2: Hit Success — Level 2 Reward Pool, Failure — Level 1 Reward Pool
Step 3: Hit Success — Level 3 Reward Pool, Failure — Level 2 Reward Pool

4. Appearance and effect of fishing rod

Level 4 and 5 fishing rods

Upgrading the fishing rod has changed its appearance and effect.
In particular, the level 4 and 5 fishing rods have a spectacular effect.

5. Others

- If the launcher installation file is recognized as a virus in vaccines, etc., you can register it on the virus exclusion list and download it.

- If the launcher installation does not succeed, set all permissions on the folder where the launcher installation file is located to privileges, or move the file to a different location to run it.

Finally, items acquired in the Lite version (Fish, Kleros’ Will, Fishing rod, Miner card pack, etc.) can be initialized at the end of the Lite version.

However, upgraded Land and Miner NFTs are not initialized.
Land upgrades and Miner NFT purchase function updates will be announced later.

I ask for your participation and support in the Lite version.

Thank you.




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