Land 1. Land Introduce

2 min readApr 15, 2022

Today we have prepared KEROZ Land Introduce.
KEROZ introduces KLEROS, Which is the land that will be introduced as NFT.

1. What is LAND in KEROZ?

KLEROS, the land of KEROZ, is an island of the sky where KEROZ lives. KEROZ can perform maintenance to enter the dungeon in LAND and uses several functions to become strong! ⚔️

This LAND is divided into three tiers, and the higher tier of land you have, the more differentiated benefits you can get! 🛡️


2. What are the benefits of land?

1. Land Staking: LAND holders can earn $KENT through the will be updated LAND STAKING.

2. Mining: Users with $KENT can purchase, miners that will be sold later through LAND STAKING. Also, Miners can dig for Ore and exchange it for an Item Box.

3. Buff Tower: You can install a Buff Tower (Sky Crystal) in the LAND to grow the LAND.

4. Scholarship: LAND Holder wallets can create more characters and distribute them to manage the scholarships.

5. Land Bonus: LAND Holder can earn a token swappable reward (STONE) each time players clear a dungeon in exchange for providing LAND.

6. Fishing: Fishing is possible in LAND, and owners can earn additional rewards for providing fishing grounds and LAND Bonus.

Details of each benefit are going to be released later through community channels.

New youtube channel!

For more information, please click the link!




Finally, Hack & Slash meets Crypto!🛡️ The KEROZ is an exciting action RPG that slashes away everything!⚔️