Guangzhou Opera House Tickets

Have you ever been to Guangzhou? Have you heard of Guangzhou Opera House? Overlooking the Pearl River the Guangzhou Opera House is at the heart of Guangzhou’s cultural sites development. The walls of the asymmetrical 1,800-seat grand theater are bellowing ribbons of gold, dotted with fragmented lights. If you live in Guangzhou or have a plan for Guangzhou, Guangzhou Opera House is a must see place that you’d better not miss. No more than there are many excellent shows being held in the venue.

London Philharmonic Orchestra & Vassily Sinaisky New Year Concert in Guangzhou

​RIVERDANCE In Guangzhou

​Broadway Musicals Wicked — Guangzhou

Generally speaking, if you are lover for concerts or theatre plays, you can usually find your wanted events from Guangzhou Opera House. And to get Guangzhou Opera House tickets, instead of official website, you can also find from the officially appointed platform that called Damai. Damai represents the largest LIVE entertainment and distribution platform in China and occupies an absolutely leading position in performances, sports tickets and technology services in the Chinese-speaking world. And it offers more than thousands of shows online. And it has English version website that called to help English speakers watch shows in China more easily. So you can find most of your interested events in Damai.

In order to get tickets successfully, below steps are recommended.
Step1 — Sign In or Register
Step2 — Enter “Guangzhou Opera House” and choose events that you want to buy.
Step3 — Select the Price and the quantity then click ’Buy on map’ or ‘Quick buy’
Step4 — Choose the delivery method you wish to use. Fill in your phone number and the mailing address that the tickets will be sent to. Please note Delivery is not available within 3 days before the performance.You can come to our office to pick up the tickets.
Step5 — Proceed to checkout, Payment and Confirmation.

In spite of purchasing tickets online, you can also order tickets by phone via +86–10103721 or in door with Damai’s branches in more than 46 cities right now.

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