I Filed For Divorce

After 16 years of marriage, I filed for divorce. Needed a change. Nothing more, nothing less. Gave everything I had. So many sacrifices for so many years. I loved until I didn’t and needed to leave. With the passion no longer present, it wouldn’t have been fair to stay. No regrets.

I left not a spouse, but my career. I spent 16 years with a marketing technology company where I began as a entry-level, account manager in 1999. We grew up together. The company went public. I got married. The company got acquired. I had a baby. The company got a new CEO. I moved the family to California. The company made more acquisitions. I became president. The company got a new CEO. I got Europe too. The company sold for $2.3B. I left.

I’m back on the dating scene. Looking to fall in love again…with a company. I’ve been on a lot of dates. So many dates. Engaged even, twice. I walked away from one engagement, the other from me. Rejected. Feeling dejected. When was the last time that someone told me “no?” Folks have rejected the products, ideas or company that I represent, but me? Me, personally? Attempting to channel positive, Taylor Swift thoughts of, “anytime someone tells me I can’t do something, I want to do it more” vs. angry, Eminem ones of, “if you don’t like me, f*** you.”

Is there a Tinder app for that? Swipe right or swipe left. Just like human relationships, finding an opportunity that you love and one that loves you just the same — if not more — is an inefficient and exhausting process. Thank you eHarmony for entering the recruiting arena. We desperately need your profile-matching technology to help separate the wheat from chaff. If I meet another CEO attempting to emulate Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Steve Jobs, I will scream. Just be you. Smart, entrepreneurial you.

While I navigate this journey as a single, female tech executive, I hope to share my musings and stories from the past, present along with my potential future. Are we there yet? ;)