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And I am curious how CSS and HTML don’t have flow control constructs. The nature of CSS is, in fact, flow control, in that there are various statements that are called and/or processed in a particular order, based on input, action, or state. It sounds like you may not have experience doing the kind of programming in HTML/CSS that I’m talking about.

But let’s not talk advanced stuff. Let’s talk basic CSS. I could write, in PHP,

if($window_width <= 650) { $h1_font_size = ‘12vw’ } ;

which would be a standard “programming” construct, right? Check state, depending on state, do this thing. Instead, I write,

@media (max-width: 650px) { h1 { font-size : 12vw ; } }

I would describe the behavior of both of those statements precisely the same way. Check state. If the window width is less than or equal to 650px, set the font size of the h1 “variable” (or in the second case, element) to 12vw.

I’m curious how even that most basic CSS instruction is not “programming”. And if it’s not programming, what is it?

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