Be Soft, Remain Soft… the world needs more of this.

I was sitting in one of my favorite coffee spots in Brazil and tears were streaming down my face today as I was feeling unappreciated for all that I do. I wanted to become hard and not help anymore. I felt taken advantage of, abused and used though I know that was not the intention.

You see I am giver… I give willing to people that ask for support, I open my heart wide and spread love and will do my best to be there for as many people as I can. I invite and engage people to be a part of great things because I want to build a community that thrives together. This is my calling, it is who I am and I have known this since I was a young child.

Of course I need to know that my work matters… I am human. I know that I own my own worth and some days that is a real challenge for me. Some days I need the support just like everyone else.

People tend to live in their own world, and their own bubble and we have created a ME, ME, ME society…they are unintentionally selfish. At times I am guilty of playing this role. We don’t often realize the nice things people do for us because we are so focused on US that we forget we need each other to not only survive but to thrive in this experience called life.

This is a balancing act…on the one hand we cannot take it personally. I believe people are generally good, their intentions are good and that the world is a beautiful place. Yet on the other hand we want people to see us, to see our value in this world and to know that we matter. We all matter!

We need to open our eyes up more and take a moment to see what others do for us. Come out from behind our blinders and see that we have a team of people giving us unconditionally love. If we don’t start appreciating each other more they eventually will not be there. Love them back, appreciate them for the gift they give you, support them as they have supported you.

Don’t let the world make you hard! Love the world for being beautiful!

Today I was reminded to be soft…remain soft, Kerri-Ann, because the world needs you.