Building Formlabs Culture and Community in a virtual world

What is the Experience Team at Formlabs?

At Formlabs, employee experience is key for engaging our diverse community of Formlings and building a strong company culture. The Experience Team (Diana Janec, Design and Tori Mayo, Events) is dedicated to celebrating our community and company-wide achievements, with the motto “surprise and delight!” This ethos influences our choices for events, company swag, and office installations. Our initiatives shape how we recognize employees and important milestones like work anniversaries and new product launches. …

Carl Calabria is entering his third month here at Formlabs as our Head of Engineering. He spent the prior year mentoring and consulting part-time with the leadership team. Carl’s first goal is to learn about the people, products, culture, and systems of the company.

During the day, Carl is engaging employees in conversation, sketching out an idea at the whiteboard, looking over the shoulder of an engineer and asking questions about a design, or catching up on email at his desk.

I asked Carl some questions to learn more about his engineering experience, leadership style, and why he came to…

Kerrie Juels

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