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Buckling in for the upcoming five hour ride on the steamy hot, slightly cramped bus, I felt both excited and a little anxious. …

This journey I’m on, of listening and learning from women, presents daily bits of magic — and one of the great offerings is that of perspective. Which brings me to the breakfast I had in Portland last week with Emily. Like so many incredible souls that come into my life these days, she is also a gift. They find me or are sent to me in person, via email, Instagram messages, Skype calls, and sometimes, it seems, from the ether. There is no specific agenda generally — simply a shared sense of spirit and a conspirator-energy of possibility.

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My friend Emily, finding joy on Cannon Beach, Oregon

As we were closing up a beautiful morning chat over our coffee and the last crumbs of eggy toast, we got to talking about our kids. She shared a little visual that she uses with her family and often reminds them to remember. She says that we each hold something different in our hands. Your right hand has, well — a pile of poop. And in your left hand is a pile of joy. And as you go through life you have a choice. Your right hand will always be full. Everyone carries some. And it might get really stinky or heavy sometimes. But will you focus on the poop or will you focus on the joy? Because if you put your attention to the left hand, that side too will also grow, but, seemingly miraculously, at the same time, it will grow lighter. …

(from February 2019)

Today I celebrate a truly stellar and trusted partner who will be co-hosting our just announced evolved leadership retreat in May. A fitting day to also throw it back to eight years ago.

Here is a photo of Savonn from 2011 with her son Isaak helping to launch the Portland Timbers into their first season. That same year I was also blessed to be coming through breast cancer treatment. And my little spot in Savonn’s yoga studio was a safe haven.

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I wrote a blog during this life-changing year, called “Amongst the Waves” (thank you Eddie Vedder). And in a first for me on LI, I am ago in full here. I realize now that our Liberty Collective philosophy of full body, holistic learning was formed in these days of upheaval and ultimately healing. …


Kerri Hoyt Pack

Seasoned, human-centered business leader and world-class brand builder. Dedicated to growing great leaders and evolving workplace culture for all.

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