When we don’t learn from failure, we continue to fail.

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What seemed to work before, our structures and norms, aren’t working anymore, and it’s clear that for many, they never worked. For the past two weeks, I have been deeply thinking about Palace Shaw’s resignation letter and the issues raised in the email circulated by her colleagues. They’re right to be disappointed. I didn’t speak directly to their pain or Palace’s. I sincerely apologize to Palace, our staff, our partners, and the wider community.

It’s past time; we have to change. Our work culture, led by me, a white woman, is white-dominant, and this has stifled BIPOC employees’ call for change. I’ve been asking myself if I could move away from my fear, defenses, and my responsibility for PRX and recenter on their well-being and needs, what would I see or hear differently? …


Kerri Hoffman

CEO PRX, Radiotopia wrangler, board member RadioPublic, PRPD, Greater Public, Peabody Awards @prx, @radiopublic, @themoth, @radiotopia @traxnetwork

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