Tattoos are more socially acceptable in today’s day and age. Why?

The Huffington Post reports that “scientific evidence proves that tattoos have been a part of human culture for thousands of years.”

This TED-Ed Talk covers how views towards tattoos, and the reasoning behind them, have changed overtime.

Maya Dent suggests, “It all depends what generation you were brought up in. I am a 90’s baby, so I most see a tattoo as a tattoo, not taboo.”

Media coverage from the likes of Miami Ink, and its many spin-off shows helped the form of self expression seep into the mainstream. Body art has since taken over the channels with Tattoo Fixers making its mark recently. Alongside this, Viceland has provided a platform for Grace Neutral to showcase the world of tattooing and body modification via Needles & Pins. And Tattoo Girls has made a stand, broadcasting events from an “all-female tattoo shop” in the heart of a Conservative state. …

Times are changing, and as technology develops — so does the expectations of the media to keep up. News is playing a game of catch-up as many believed that the original (print) form would never decrease in popularity. As the internet has taken over; we have seen a increase in news online.

On Billboard, an article about Lily Allen uses a professional photo as a header, and supplies background information on Allen’s career before mentioning the cover song she has released in response to Trump’s presidency. The article features a short description of the video before it is embedded. It contains a tweet from Mark Ronson — a verified Twitter user, and a respected name in music industry. Hyperlinks are also featured throughout; taking the reader to more information about a variety of artists mentioned. Alongside this, comment sections are available — promoting audience involvement. …

Online, The Huddersfield Examiner covers an array of stories – this is because this version of the publication can be updated at anytime throughout the day; a ‘Live Breaking News Blog’ is also featured. There is a greater flexibility on how in-depth, and important the articles featured online are required to be. Whereas: in the print version of this publication, there is an expectation for the articles to be of a higher standard – this means that all the articles featured online may not make it to print.

The platform of E-Media also allows for multimedia to be featured on the newspaper’s website. This adds value to this version of the publication as it offers a new way for information to be shared. It can also be argued that it is a good way to engage a younger audience with their local news. Comment sections online also give this platform a one-up over the traditional approach of print. …

AudioBoom let’s you listen to snippets of clips on specific and specialised topics; it takes a step away from the mainstream media – allowing content to be more controversial.

The software is free and allows you to upload your own wavelengths of audio, alongside with an image (adding a visual element), and a title and description (for search and filtering purposes). The categories available include: Music, Sport, News & Politics, Comedy, and Entertainment; among many.

Listen to my first upload on audioBoom here, it’s (very)short and merely captures me attempting to come to terms with the app.

Earlier, I listened to the first quarter of the first episode to the podcast series, Serial — The episode took an unexpected start; and I was taken aback by how important and powerful audio alone could be. I really enjoyed this form of media, due to the fact that I could get other things done alongside lending my ear to the podcast. I believe that the scene was set well, and I was amused as well as impressed with how new characters were introduced as the plot developed. Above all, I enjoyed how the protagonist/narrator stuck with the listener throughout; as well as how the narration and the story weaved into one another. I was left feeling amazed with how much my imagination could do, and I have a new appreciation for the ability to form my own imagery to fit a spoken story. …

YouTube — a video sharing platform — that contains content ranging from makeup tutorials, music videos, vlogs, and random compilations of cats.

I have composed a video of snippets of my footage collected from when I saw Biffy Clyro live at Leeds’ First Direct Arena. You can view it below:

It is by no means perfect, but YouTube’s built in editing system allowed me to chop it up into something not completely dreadful.

YouTube’s editing tool is easier to operate than I originally believed it would be. It’s no surprise that so many curators can transform from the ordinary person to a sensation overnight — it ultimately just takes good content; hand-in-hand with some very basic knowledge of computers. …

A picture captures a thousand words, but the one I snapped of the members of the public gathered today (11/11/16) to commiserate the fallen does not accurately express the magnitude or power of this event.

Image for post
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People gathered to partake in a 2 minute silence at the University of Huddersfield’s campus. (Source: Kerri Wynter).

I believe that this picture is newsworthy as it attributes to Remembrance/Armistice Day; which is celebrated nationally, and has been a tradition since the end of the First World War. Therefore, it holds significance within itself, and is a part of public interest. It can also be considered newsworthy as it holds personal value through it capturing a local example of people showing their respects — this increases the interests of people who live in or around Huddersfield. Alongside this, it will have value to those who know of the University, as well as for those who are pictured somewhere in the image.

So today, I am here to update you on my most recent tattoo. This one, alike the lyrics I posted about in last’s month post is again inspired by music.

This one was inspired by american pop-punk group, Knuckle Puck. Alongside, Wales’ renowned Neck Deep. These two elements combined with my love (and somewhat naive belief) in astrology make up my largest tattoo to date.

Image for post
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Starting from the top: my tattooist, Mike Church, claimed that a dark sky was required for reasons of logic — stars can only be seen in darkness.

The constellation symbolises my star sign’s — Aquarius’ — constellation. For me, this shows my faith in the idea that everything happens for a reason, and that equilibrium will be found in the end. Alongside this, it is a polite nod of appreciation to Enter Shikari’s hidden beauty of a song known as Constellations. …

With the ability to update its users via a continuous live stream; and allowing information to be shared, quite literally with a click of a button; how else can Ev Williams’ creation be useful to the you and I?

‘Advanced Search’ allows for tweets to be filtered by location, date, and/or key words. This cuts out the hectic feel/noise that Twitter can be seen as having, and allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for. For this reason, Twitter is a great source for gathering people opinions about events, or the such.

‘Lists’ allow for you to organise your timeline; it is a way of categorising those you follow, meaning you can keep up-to-date with certain sections of the Twittersphere. …

The more you think about it, the more obvious it becomes why Facebook is the biggest social networking site around today. It’s because, it’s much more than just that. Facebook has many features that go undiscovered by the everyday user — including Facebook Live; that can be used to benefit any budding journalist, or just those with a love for sharing.

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Facebook Live is a simple yet smart feature that can help connect you and your online friends in a more realistic way. Similar to Periscope, Facebook Live allows for users to stream content in real-time.

Frank Turner, self-acclaimed ‘skinny, half-arsed, English country singer.’ Ex-vocalist for Million Dead, and the driving force behind Mongol Horde. However, it was his main career move — Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls — that stole my heart.

Having first came across Turner through his support slot at Green Day’s Brixton show, prior their Reading 2013 headline slot. My love for him has does nothing but developed.

It was at Frank’s intimate Islington gig that helped draw 2015 to a close which really struck something within me. The day as a whole had been special, I’d spent it with my close family members exploring Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland …to then abandon them and jump on the tube to Frank. …


Kerri Wynter

An aspiring journalist; @kerriwynt. This blog will track my progression at The University of Huddersfield.

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