AudioBoom let’s you listen to snippets of clips on specific and specialised topics; it takes a step away from the mainstream media – allowing content to be more controversial.

The software is free and allows you to upload your own wavelengths of audio, alongside with an image (adding a visual element), and a title and description (for search and filtering purposes). The categories available include: Music, Sport, News & Politics, Comedy, and Entertainment; among many.

Listen to my first upload on audioBoom here, it’s (very)short and merely captures me attempting to come to terms with the app.

Earlier, I listened to the first quarter of the first episode to the podcast series, Serial — The episode took an unexpected start; and I was taken aback by how important and powerful audio alone could be. I really enjoyed this form of media, due to the fact that I could get other things done alongside lending my ear to the podcast. I believe that the scene was set well, and I was amused as well as impressed with how new characters were introduced as the plot developed. Above all, I enjoyed how the protagonist/narrator stuck with the listener throughout; as well as how the narration and the story weaved into one another. I was left feeling amazed with how much my imagination could do, and I have a new appreciation for the ability to form my own imagery to fit a spoken story.

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