The Live Blog vs. ‘Traditional’ Online News — Lily Allen’s Anti-Trump Cover.

Times are changing, and as technology develops — so does the expectations of the media to keep up. News is playing a game of catch-up as many believed that the original (print) form would never decrease in popularity. As the internet has taken over; we have seen a increase in news online.

On Billboard, an article about Lily Allen uses a professional photo as a header, and supplies background information on Allen’s career before mentioning the cover song she has released in response to Trump’s presidency. The article features a short description of the video before it is embedded. It contains a tweet from Mark Ronson — a verified Twitter user, and a respected name in music industry. Hyperlinks are also featured throughout; taking the reader to more information about a variety of artists mentioned. Alongside this, comment sections are available — promoting audience involvement. The journalism featured is longer, and there is a variety of prompts for the audience to read other articles on the site.

On the BBC’s Music News Live, bite-size articles are presented in a timeline style – with the latest news appearing at the top. It is updated throughout the day, and the option to share each of the updates in also present. The article about Lily Allen is featured, and briefly outlines that: “The London singer” is lashing back at Trump by recording a cover. It also give examples of other musician’s actions — linking to another article; and mentions Lily’s “anti-Trump playlist.” It supplies a link to the video; alongside tweets from the general public. I believe that this approach to online journalism will become favoured as it supplies enough information in a short space of time; it can also lead to readers knowing a little about a lot.