Do you want to cut through the bureaucratic red tape that constrains our social safety net? Do you want to be on the team that restores the dignity of people living on the streets by helping them reclaim their identity and future? Can you help build a secure, flexible, blockchain-enabled system that improves access, cost-effectiveness, and accountability for the services society needs to end homelessness?

The City of Austin is looking for a few intrinsically motivated and highly ethical individuals to work on MyPass — an ambitious design and development project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to help people experiencing homelessness secure their identity and access services using blockchain-based technology. …

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Calling all blockchain and interaction design aficionados looking to beat the heat next weekend for a cause!

On July 27–29, the City of Austin and Dell Medical School will host a blockchain challenge at the City of Austin Innovation Office. The event aims to help those experiencing homelessness more easily validate their identity to access services more easily with less friction.

Our Goals for the Weekend

Here are the four goals for the Challenge weekend:

1) Prove or disprove that blockchain technology is better than a traditional shared database for validating identity and enabling access to information that will in turn make it easier to access homelessness services. …

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Photo by Ben Guhin, who often considers this to be a perfectly acceptable breakfast.

“A meal in Austin simply isn’t complete without a thick, creamy queso set to be emptied with more tortilla chips than anyone should reasonably consume.” — Thrillist

“Queso is the Tex-Mex fuel that Austinites run on.” —

“…queso is Austin’s liquid gold.” — Austinot (they also taunt that you’re not a real Austinite until you’ve tried it.)

In Austin, there’s queso of every type for every person — chile queso, queso con carne, and even vegan queso. Austin has a wealth of strong opinions about the “best” versions in the city, which makes for a perfect segue to the “civic” part of our portmanteau. …


Kerry O'Connor

@kerry_atx = personal search for knowledge and creative expression; civiqueso = professional voice on civic innovation, design, open gov

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